Marloth Park

Do you like to ride a bike among the wild animals? Or get face to face with a giraffe while walking in the park? This is your chance. If you are interested in African nature, you certainly have no shortage of wildlife here. In Marloth Park the animals roam freely around the houses, so don`t be surprised to see animals like zebras, warthogs, kudus, wildebeasts and impalas in the garden when you open the curtain in the morning. Enjoy a drink on the porch, called stoep, and you will come face to face with the wild animals of Marloth Park. Do you prefer to get on a bike and ride through the park and see on one side of the road the impalas and on the other side a herd of wildebeasts? These are the charms of Marloth Park.
On the way to the look-out point you pass a large permanent waterhole at only 250 m from the house. This waterhole is regularly visited by the animals and is also populated by a number of crocodiles, so do not walk too close to the waterfront! The look-out point itself lies 500 m away from the house with a clear view across the Crocodile River into Kruger National Park. There is a good change that you will see crocodiles, hippos, buffaloes and elephants. The view along the river is breathtaking with beautiful sunsets and herds of elephants that come to the river to drink. Occasionally you will see lions drinking.
Marloth Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. In the area more than 300 different species of birds have been recorded; including several species of weaverbirds, storks, swallows, bee-eaters and scavengers. You can hear the call of the Fish Eagle and with some luck you will be able to see it.
In this part of Africa it can be very warm the whole year round and it can be very refreshing to have a dip in a swimmingpool in the afternoon. You can use the splash pool of Ubuntu Bush House, or you can go to the pool at the Municipality or at one of the lodges.

Marloth Park has 2 supermarkets where you can do all your necessary shopping. Both shops have an ATM. There is also a liquor store for beer, wine and spirits. Marloth Park also has a building shop, laundromat and fuel station. In Komatipoort (25 km) there is a Spar supermarket, a variety of other shops, a pharmacy and a GP.
Perhaps you don't feel like shopping or cooking after a long day of adventures. No problem, there are several restaurants in Marloth Park where you can enjoy a delicious dinner on a terrace for a reasonable price.
Some restaurants in Marloth Park
Phumula Lodge (2232 Rinkhals/Sekelbos)
Bos restaurant (Bush Centre, 3883 Olifant)
Kruger Maroela restaurant (1051 Maroela)
Amazing Kruger View (Henk van Rooyen Park, Maroela/Crocodile)
The Tin Shack (Marlothi Shopping Centre, Olifant 3884)
Royal Kruger Lodge (1235 Oribi)

Pets are not allowed in Marloth Park. They are a threat to the wild animals as they may carry dangerous diseases. Not only that, but the wild animals can also jeopardise the safety of your pet!